Letter of Recommendation from Tova RabinowitzTo Whom It May Concern:

I worked with Steve Carmer as his instructor for GD100 Introduction to Graphic Design, here at Westwood College of Technology. This class is a very intensive hands-on survey course in which students are expected to master skills and concepts related to such topics as drawing design elements and principles, typography, color theory, perspective, and art history. Many students describe this class as one of the most difficult offered at Westwood College.

Steve excelled as a student in my class, and proved to me that he is an industrious and creative individual. He showed great motivation and ability, always meeting deadlines with high quality work. His attendance was perfect, and he participated well in both small team and larger group projects and activities. During  discussions and critiques, he added value to our classroom community by sharing thoughtful insights and constructive criticisms.

As Porgram Director for the Graphic Design department, I have continued to follow Steve's studies here at the school. As a member of the school community, Steve continues to spread his positive attitude by offering help and support to his peers, while continuing to lead his class in both grades and attendance. He has an outgoing approachable nature, a strong work ethic, and an eye for detail. Steve would make an excellent employee, and I full-heartedly recommend him for a position within your company.


Tova Rabinowitz
Graphic Design Program Director
Westwood College of Technology