Letter of Recommendation from Willie J. WilbornDear Sir or Madam:

This Letter of Recommendation is for Mr. Steven Carmer. I have known Mr. Carmer for eight trimesters. I know him as both an excellent student and a dynamic individual. He has demonstrated excellent skills as one of my students here at DeVRY. His hard work and tenacity has been his driving force on the arduous road to the coveted "B. S in Computer Information Systems".

Mr. Carmer is a true team member. He has consistently assisted his fellow peers in obtaining the complete knowledge of a subject and he has done so without hesitation. His academic skills are super. His long hours and hard work is his trademark here at DeVRY.

Mr. Carmer has not failed to turn in all assignments in a timely fashion. Regardless of the complexity of classroom work, he has accomplished all designated tasks. He is self-motivated, a hard worker and extremely focused on what he deems important in his career path. He displays true commitment and devotion to the assignments given and has never given up before completing assigned tasks.

Before acting upon it, Mr. Carmer listens to instructions thoroughly. Yet,he is a quick learner who is also eager to learn. This, in itself is great combination, coveted by any organization, He is very detail oriented and refuses to stop until the assigned task is completed.

In closing, I would like to state that I would gladly add Mr. Carmer to a team of mine. He will certainly be a valuable asset to some great company.


Willie J. Wilborn, Chairperson - Center For Continuing Education and Associate Professor - CIS Department