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This was my first project in my Photoshop class.
I was the only student to recieve 100% of all the classes taught by
Lindsey Rush Heuwetter, Instructor of Graphic Design.

Visit my and click on #2 of the Letters of Recommendation from Westwood College of Technology to read what she has to say about my work.

This is the only reason I have put this project on my website.

All of the pictures used is from my own collection of my trip to New York and pictures of my friends from Lake Michigan. I enclosed the project in a television screen because that's how I witnessed this horrible tragedy.
Click on one of my Photoshop project images or an image name to view a larger size of the project.
09-11-2001 08:40am
09-11-2001 08:45am
09-11-2001 09:03am
09-11-2001 09:04am
09-11-2001 10:05am
09-11-2001 10:28am
Again, I deeply apologize if the above images offend anyone.
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